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We reduce the cost of a bad hire by 30-50% and complete projects 20-30% faster

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What is it about

We've designed a product competition platform which connects talented Product Managers to companies in various verticals which include: Medical, Biotech, Aerospace, Industrial, Start-ups, and more. Our unique offering helps bring innovations to the market faster and cheaper through client requested competitions.

Our solution can help companies avoid costly hiring mistakes and the 30-50% cost associated with an incorrect hire. In addition, our competition format can reduce project times by 20-30% as we automated the search and assessment processes. Through participation in our client competitions Product Managers and Researchers are able to strengthen their portfolios, draw interest from potential employers and earn extra money.

For Companies

  • Looking for Product Managers?
  • Want to reduce the cost of a bad hire?
  • Struggling to solve your business needs?

For Talents

  • ‎Want to get more practical experience?
  • Looking for a job or an internship?
  • Need to strenthen your portfolio or rankings?

Types of Projects we work with


We carry out qualitative and quantitative research. We’ll determine which tool will be needed and explain why

Hypothesis Validation

We’ll test value proposition, acquisition channels, segments or UX — it all depends on the project

Strategy and RoadMap

Based on the research results, we will form a product development plan and illustrate an effective strategy

Product Launch

We will help you decide on positioning, understand what is important to users, and what your customers’ needs are

Search for Growth Points

We’ll analyze CJM to find out exponential growth opportunities to reach Product Market Fit

Special Custom Project

We’ll move the product off the ground and breathe life into it to rapidly grow through hypothesis testing and product research

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Why 500talents

Vitaly Munirov, Cursir

“The Challenge was thoroughly solved.. we hadn’t even thought of some of the points our (500Talents) Product Manager proposed”

Evgeny Konev, Motorika

We are very interested in such services, as our product resources are very limited. The first solution was very clever, thank you!”

Denis Gamayunov, Solid soft

“A good framework, an interesting competition analysis, 70% can be used for sure!”

Polina Leonova, ISS

80% or even more from the second solution can be applicable. Were particulary struck by CJM detalization”

Natalia Baida, Skolkovo

“We liked the third solution the most. It has a lot of practical recommendations”

Andrey Chazov,

“The most striking thing about the solution was how deeply people from the outside of the company can immerse into the product”