500talents: How it works

We make a communication platform connecting medical, biotech, industrial startups to product managers to bring innovations to the market faster and cheaper.

Our solution allows companies to reduce the cost of bad hires by 30-50% and to get projects completed 20-30% faster. At the same time, it helps product managers and researcher professionals to strengthen their portfolios, get invited for an interview and earn more money.

How it works for companies:

  1. Launch your Competition to our network of 1.5k+ product managers and researchers
  2. Evaluate the proposed solutions to your Challenge
  3. Award prizes ONLY to solutions that meet your needs
  4. Or invite the most promising candidates for an interview
  5. Apply the solution and any related IP to your organization

🙋 Do you have a product or research Challenge? Please email us at ks@500talents.co — we'll find a solution!

How it works for talents:

  1. You register by signing up and completing your profile
  2. Review the descriptions of all open Competitions on 500talents.co main page
  3. Submit the proposed solution(s) you've developed for a specific Competition
  4. Win cash awards for your solutions that are accepted by the company
  5. Get rankings points and enhance your portfolio to make it more attractive for companies-employers

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