500talents Progression System

500talents Progression System uses performance tiers to track your growth as a product manager on 500talents.co. Along the way, you’ll earn points for your achievements and compete for product glory on live hero-boards.

Competition points are awarded based on how well a product manager did in a competition.

The algorithm for competition points is as follows:

V - speed of solving
Ei - expert estimate
C - company estimate
c1, c2, c3 - weighting factors

So, we take into account the quality and deepness of your research, accept by the company and the speed.

Moreover, you get 30 starting points when your register to 500talents.co and 3 more points when you share information about the platform of a specific competition, but no more than three times.

Your score will cumulatively summarize all your achievements. More your rating is, the more attractive your profile is for job offers.